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Corporate events

In conjunction with corporate events as for instance conferenses, profiling, product launches, team building, trips etc. the use of helicopter is most appropriate in making the event greatly appreciated and memorable far into the future.

We can contribute with surprising aerial gestures. Helicopter taxi of employees, customers or other business associates, to and from the event destination. Local tours for participants, as well as profiling and marketing by use of advertisement like banner towing. Just use your imagination.

Contact us when planning the event, so that we can contribute with solutions customized to your wishes and goals for the event.

Helicopter taxi

Helicopter taxi could play a great part in corporate events. A great experience for all participants.
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Advertisement and banner towing

Marketing by use of helicopter arouse great attention, and produces immediate results.
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Sightseeing and local tours

Sightseeing gives the opportunity for a memorable experience in conjunction with corporate events.
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