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Aerial Photography

Helicopters are very well suited for services like aerial photography. We can provide affordable high quality solutions whatever your wishes and needs

Midtnorsk Helikopterservice AS has extensive experience with photography and filming from the air. Photographing from a helicopter gives very different opportunities than from fixed-wing aircrafts, given the helicopter's maneuverability and the ability to fly at low speeds over the point to be photographed. The helicopter has long been the professional photographer's first choice when it comes to aerial photography.

Aerial photography from helicopters are widely used in the context of news coverage in the country, the helicopter can be ready for departure on short notice, and with quick access to the place where the incident occurs you may be the first reporter present. In addition you would have the opportunity to supplement the news coverage with photos you would not have otherwise.

Photography of commercial or private property is also highly relevant in connection with the presentation of a sales-/rental object. Aerial photographies can be the last spice that is needed to crown the presentation, and ensure a good response from the appropriate customers. Helicopter Services for aerial photography is also used extensively in manufacturing and project management.

Midtnorsk Helikopterservice AS also forward photography services. Please contact us for information and requests. We and our partners assist in finding the best solution to customer needs.

Note that it requires permission from the National Security Authority to capture aerial photographies of Norwegian territory. Read more about this here.

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