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Inspection and Monitoring

Power line inspection

Helicopters are increasingly used in connection with power line inspection and surveys over large areas in many countries. The central and regional network extends over large distances in rugged terrain. It is here the helicopter comes to its right by its superior efficiency and flexibility. This may be a part of regular preventive maintenance, or it may be diagnostics of a power outage.

Power lines are often located far from roads and in rugged terrain. Inspection capacity is 25-30 km of line per hour, depending on the terrain, weather conditions and customer requirements. Therefore, the use of helicopters for this type of assignment would be very profitable in terms of both time and cost.

Construction survey

Helicopters are often used in surveying and engineering of facilities and infrastructure for energy, telecommunications, transportation and other industries. Inspections by the use of helicopters quickly and efficiently provide a good overview of the relevant areas, both in terms of inspection and maintenance, as well as for engineering of new infrastructure. Also in connection with the Nature Inspectorate or other surveys (such as landslide areas), a helicopter is an effective tool.


Registrering av vilt, kartlegging av bestander, samt overvåking av naturområder kan være en tidkrevende oppgave. Med helikopter kan tiden og arbeidet dette krever reduseres betraktelig. Områdene det ofte er snakk om, brer seg over store områder, med kupert og ulent terreng. Fra helikopteret får du en raskt og effektivt oversikt over de aktuelle områdene.

Midtnorsk Helikopterservice har blant annet bistått Statens Naturoppsyn, Viltnemda og Reindriftsforvaltningen med slike tjenester.

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