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Stropping av Materialer Materials of varying length, should be packed in bundles with the most equal height and width, and with a blunt end. The straps should be secured so that the lift is perfomed with diagonal anchoring. Stropping av Bygningsplater Thin building boards must be placed on pallets, between two frames corresponding to the size of the boards. This to prevent the boards from being torn apart under wind pressure.
Stropping av Takpapp Bitumen and similar rolls is placed on pallets.  These can also be transported in cargo nets. Stropping av Vinduer og Dører Doors and windows is placed on pallets. Try not to mix the two.
Stropping av Takplater Roof tiles and corrugated sheets is placed on pallets between 2 frames corresponding to the length of the plates. This to prevent the sharp edges from cutting the straps during flight. The lift is perfomed with diagonal anchoring. Stropping av Takstoler Roof trusses is strapped in bundles appropriate to size and weight. The lift is performed with diagonal anchoring
Stropping av Grus og Mørtel Sand, gravel and crushed rock is transported in large bags or specially designed buckets. Concrete and mortar is transported in concrete buckets.
Stropping av Anleggsmaskiner Construction equipment and major components is strapped directly. Larger machinery should be divided into several parts if necessary, and if possible.
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